Alphaprints First Words Matching Game: Interactive Learning for Young Children

Alphaprints First Words Matching Game An interactive matching game for young children to learn their first words. Alphaprints 12345 $19.99 In stock
Product Description:

Alphaprints First Words Matching Game is an exciting and interactive way for young children to learn their first words. With 25 sturdy puzzle pairs featuring bright and colorful illustrations of everyday objects, this game helps children develop important early literacy skills, including letter recognition and vocabulary building. The game is designed to be played by children as young as 2 years old and is a great way for parents and caregivers to engage with their little ones while helping them learn.

Patrice’s Recommendations:
Patrice Badami 0:04

Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree. And I wanted to show you this toy right here. It’s called first words matching game and books, it is by Alfa prince, I really love that company, because we have several books by them. And I’m gonna start off showing you the this book that’s inside the box. So what I love about this is first words, there’s a boat here, when you look closer, it encourages a child to look closer, they’ll see an asparagus, there’s a spear right here and asparagus fear, and there’s cucumbers right there. So when you look at their different books and things, you see things, the children see things in a different way. And it’s kind of interesting. So here you have a little dog with banana ears up doesn’t get much better than that. Anyway, you can read the book first so that the children get used to the different pictures. That’s what I would do. Here’s the instructions. And I like to give my daughter two cards, so I give her two, and then I have two. And then what we do is we take the pieces, these are all the little cards that go with the bingo, or the matching game, however, you can, you know, make it bingo where one person picks out the card. And then they do it that way, there’s different ways in interpreting how to play the game. Or you can have it just be a matching game. So you take the like, I like to put them in a box or something so my daughter does. And then she picks one, and then she matches. And then I do the same. So here’s banana, and we put that out of there. And then we pick another and it’s Cat and Cat is here. So there’s different ways of playing. The bottom line is I find that when you play with your children, if you involve them where they’re picking out the pieces, they tend to enjoy different games more. I’ve definitely noticed with my daughter anyway. So you can do it different ways. Once again, make it a matching game. Or you can do like a bingo where somebody else picks the card calls it out, and then whoever has they match it up. And that’s another way of playing with it. Anyway, I love Alpha prints. It helps us to see things in a different way. I’m just looking here on the top. There’s a little train with orange wheels. Very cool. Anyway, it’s something that I found that we enjoy playing, and maybe you might too

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