Amelia Bedelia: Exploring the Whimsical World of Peggy Parish’s Classic


‘Amelia Bedelia’ by Peggy Parish is a beloved children’s book that introduces readers to the lovable and quirky character of Amelia Bedelia. This review delves into the humorous and endearing nature of the book, highlighting the misadventures and misunderstandings that Amelia encounters as she takes idioms literally. It explores the book’s timeless charm, engaging storytelling, and its ability to teach young readers about language and the importance of communication.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review and today I have a book called Amelia Bedelia. It’s by Peggy Parrish. The pictures are by Fred Seidel. And this book is great because it teaches children about figurative and literal language. So here this is Amelia Bedelia, and explains how she goes through life and she takes everything so literally, and then the different things that happened to her, but, boy, she can make some lemon Moran pie. I don’t know that’s a terrific quality right there. I love lemon meringue pie. But having said that, it teaches children how different things can be interpreted, literally and figuratively. So it’s a great, great story. It’s a classic. I love this book. And once again, Amelia Bedelia. Peggy Parrish pictures by Fritz Cibao great idea for teaching children about language and how people could misinterpret something. Sometimes if it’s not clear, and if you don’t understand something, you should ask to have something explained to you again, if something’s unclear, so it’s a great idea for a book. Just the classic 

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