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Reward & Behavior Journal for Kids – Weekly Chart

  • WEEKLY BREAKDOWNS – This Reward chart book includes weekly reward charts, and stickers to last all year ( + bonus motivational stickers !!!). 60 task cards are included, so you and your child can customize their book to display the 7 tasks applicable to your lifestyle and needs. The tasks cards can be switched around, so that you can introduce new tasks as needed. It also includes a convenient card storage system to keep the task cards from getting lost!
  • Great for Children Ages 5-10- Children ages 5-10 can read or recognize the task cards, customize and create a book of their own, and are able to log and track their own progress ,giving them a sense of pride and motivation as their pages fill up with stars! . We include a huge variety of task cards plus blank ones that can be customize based on your child’s needs.
  • Designed to last! – Our reward book was made carefully to ensure it lasts the entire year! The cover is made of quality plastic and the binding is durable and strong. We include a sturdy plastic card holder to hold our task cards
  • HAPPIER FAMILY – “Disciplining children is easy “ -said no parent ever!! We include simple easy to follow instructions for parents to implement the reward chart system in a healthy and happy way .Our responsibility chart book will help your kids accomplish chores like cleaning, bedtime and homework while working toward an attainable reward
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Enjoy the Learn & Climb happy kids and happy family guarantee. Order risk free today with our 30 day no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.

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