Blokus Game: The Popular Board Game of Strategy and Expansion

Blokus Game A popular board game that challenges players’ spatial reasoning skills, perfect for game night or family fun time. Blokus 123456789 $19.99 In stock

The article discusses Blokus, a popular board game that challenges players’ spatial reasoning skills. The game is played with colorful pieces that players take turns placing on the board, with the goal of blocking their opponents and expanding their own territory. The article provides an overview of the game’s rules and gameplay, as well as tips for beginners and advanced players.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree educational toy review. Today I want to share with you a toy that has been well loved in my house. I love this game and it’s called blockiness. Okay, it’s from educational insights, let me tell you about the awards it won. Okay, it won the con festival international super door warden 2001. The Spiel does arise in 2002. And one the best doctor toy 100 best children’s products 2003 And Mensa select national competition winner. This game is great for so many different reasons, let me share it with you very excited about this, because this is a game we’ve played over and over again. Okay, so you have a grid here. And you can and there’s little divots here, so that the pieces fit nicely. Okay, so here is a single piece, alright. So the way it works is you have to, say two people are playing, I’m going to just do it here. First person goes, goes there, okay, I can actually hold it up, this fits in there, the next person say has green. Now, the green can sit right next to the red. But when the red goes again, the red can’t do something like that. Red has to go to they can put their fees down, but it has to be diagonal. So let’s go like this. That’s fine. So then I’m going to put it diagonal. The whole point of this is I call it with my younger daughter tip to tip you the tip of your piece can touch diagonally, it cannot be flush like that has to be diagonal, the point of this game is you want to get as much space as possible, you want to hoard the space, because then you’ll be able to put all your pieces down. Because some of the pieces are very crazy shaped like that. They’re not all very, they’re not very simple shapes just like this, you might have something when you find a piece, that’s really all right, here’s one. So something like this shape, I’ll put it down, it’s going to get harder and harder to put your pieces down. And to have them touch by just on the tip diagonally. Because after a while this shapes become more difficult to place down, you want to gain as much Speight area on this board as possible, and block out your friend from being able. So you’re not only gaining space to put your own pieces down, you’re also trying to block out so that the other person has nowhere to put their pieces and then you win, whoever has the most pieces down wins. So having said that, what do we have, we have color recognition, we have the primary colors here. So I’ll just put the yellow up here. And we have the blue colors are just they’re so vibrant, beautiful, too. So you got color recognition, you have spatial relations, because you need to be able to look and see where will this piece fit, you’ll be that’s another thing you’re able to say, okay, I can fit this piece here, planning ahead, saying I want to put these pieces down in a way that allows me to have flexibility later for all my pieces. So it’s planning, color recognition, it’s understanding shapes, and being able to fit pieces in ways that make sense. And just it’s just a great game with the I like the whole spatial relations and organizing your mind to be able to play this strategically by blocking out somebody else and gaining an advantage for yourself saving room yourself. Because once after a while, if you do something like this, okay, if you’re continuing in this fashion, okay, this nobody else can get past they’re not gonna be able to get past, they might be able to get past, they might be able to put pieces here, they can’t get over there. So that’s what that’s the goal of the game is to block the other opponents from being able to do anything at all. And it’s a great confidence builder when your child learns this. And it’s a game that adults can play. It’s a game that grows with your child. So this is just there’s a reason to one month wars. It’s just amazing. So let me put it right back in the box. I’ll put it over here and show you once again Lacus by educational insights, family favorite came that adults can play so it grows with my family. A very good investment for an educational really fun game.

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