Bubble Guppies Fin-Tastic Field Trips: A Fun Learning Adventure

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Bubble Guppies Fin-Tastic Field Trips is an interactive game that takes kids on a series of virtual field trips to explore science, social studies, and the arts. It’s a fun and engaging way to teach important concepts and skills.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s educational toy review. And today I have fintastic field trip game from Bubble Guppies from Nickelodeon and it’s by Briarpatch. So let me show you what’s involved with this game. It’s really cute. So I have a comes with these boards. And these boards represent places. So we have garden, post office, we have concert stage supermarket. And then on the other side, we have museum, we have city, school, and form. So you set up in one way or the other doesn’t matter which side you start with. You set the pieces up a little boards. Okay, well, the back here so you can see, there we go. Then you have your little spinner, but we’re gonna put them to the side. The children have to select their characters based on the show Bubble Guppies. So there’s one person. And here’s another person right here. Okay, so there we go. Now, you have this big Oh, I was looking for this piece. This is actually from another game, I was looking all over for that. Anyway, isn’t that something, it also happens to come with two little puppets. So doesn’t fit my finger fits the child’s finger just for fun. All right, so you mix up the pieces inside. And then you’ll find something here. So this is a little, I guess it’s a piano or electronic keyboard rather. And you look and what what liquid is like it’s here, it’s right there. So what you would do is you would take your little character, and you’d put it on the board, put it right on that board, that’s where they start. So then the next person would pick something and now I have corn. Now what do I have you up garden. So you can actually, you know, this could fall into garden or it could fall into market supermarket. So that’s you can put it either place. So the whole point of this is you’re trying to get your character on the different boards, and then you collect these. So at the end of the game, whoever has the most is the one who wins. Really cute because it’s helping children to understand things like their environment, they’re learning about their environment. They’re learning about objects in their place in the different environments. They’ll be learning things like for the for the one with groceries and garden, you’ll be teaching them about vegetables, fruits, things like that. They don’t have things like I don’t think they have things like cookies, maybe they do they have cereal here. But for the most part, you’ll teach them at a supermarket, where to find different foods garden, what grows in a garden, these are different things post office, how does the post office work, what type of things go through the post office, different instruments, so they’ll be learning about different objects in their environment and where they fit. So it’s a great idea for a game really cute to engage younger children. It helps them to become successful at a young age so that they start to enjoy learning things that they’re going to learn in school. They’ll also take things they learn in school about community helpers, for example, they learn that in preschool and kindergarten, and they’ll be able to understand what did they do because it shows the different areas in the in your neighborhood, and it teaches children what these people do and what’s important about these different places and how they can learn further and apply what they learned prior knowledge to school. Here it is once again fintastic field trip game Spry Briarpatch Nickelodeons Bubble Guppy game really cute.

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