Buildzi – Fast-Stacking Block Building Game: Perfect for Kids and Adults

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Buildzi is a fast-stacking block building game that is perfect for kids and adults alike. Players race to build a tower of blocks as fast as they can, using pattern cards and special builder blocks to make their tower even taller. With multiple ways to play, Buildzi is a great game for solo play or as a fun family game. This game promotes spatial reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. With its durable blocks and compact size, Buildzi is perfect for on-the-go fun.

  • AWARD-WINNING: Created by the same guys that brought you the extraordinarily popular games TENZI, SLAPZI, PAIRZI, and ITZI, BUILDZI is a fast-building block game that rewards creativity and quick problem-solving skills. It was awarded ASTRA Best Toys for Kids in the Games 8+ category.
  • FAST STACKING: BUILDZI is fun because it’s quick and easy to learn. Flip over your Tower Card or Block Card and be the first to build your block tower. For a more challenging tower game, try using the yellow/black side of the Tower Card; these towers are a bit trickier to build and don’t have colors to help identify the blocks.
  • MORE WAYS TO PLAY: If you’re a fan of the TENZI family of games, then you know there’s not just one way to play this block-stacking party game. BUILDZI is a stacking game with instructions for seven different ways to play, including Together BUILDZI, where you use your STEM skills to work as a team to build a tower that includes all of the BUILDZI Blocks.
  • TEACHERS LOVE BUILDZI: Playing BUILDZI can help develop and reinforce many STEM skills. Students will utilize Problem-Solving, Creativity, Communication, Inquiry, Engineering/Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Collaboration skills to complete any building block games included with BUILDZI. It’s perfect for early finishers and is a great team-building game.
  • WHAT YOU GET: 32 BUILDZI Blocks, 32 double-sided Tower Cards, 32 Block Cards, and instructions for seven different fast-stacking, nerve-racking, building block games for kids that are easily adaptable for all ages. 2 to 4 players with party games for up to 8 players. Ages 6 to 96.
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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree educational tour review. And today I have build Z, and it’s from the company that makes 10 Z. It’s karma, the name of the company that makes it is on the bottom here. It’s called karma games. Alright, and this one is an educational toy award the Astra best toys for kids winner, American specialty toy retailing association. So this one award, it’s a really nice game. Now here, one thing I wanted to share with you, that’s great, see the box, how it has the shapes, this actually shows you how to put the pieces back in the box when you’re done, which is very helpful. So that’s a cool thing. Let me show you how you play it. So there’s two different types of hearts here. There’s the long hearts here that show the pattern that they want you to recreate in this particular challenge. Now, for younger children, I would go for the color one. And here for older kids, I would use the darker than just the plain black symbols, because then it’s more challenging. But for here, you’re going to be combining one patterning to color recognition, three spatial relations. And they’re going to have to develop their ability to work and play with another person and not get upset when the other person is maybe doing better in their challenges. Because what the way it works is each person gets their own card, and they’re working separately. And whoever gets the challenge done first, they get to keep the card and the other person has to throw the card back in. So the more cards you get at the end of the game. And here’s how you do it. So for example, if you had this picture, and you pick this card, so you can see that this shape is here. Oops, it’s over here. So in this case, you would keep that keep that brick, except you really need to build the rest of it first. So I would just hold it to the side until you continue getting all the pieces and then you put the piece together, you put your final project together after gathering a bunch of different cards. So that’s how you play pieces are made really nicely. They have like a fun little surface here. It’s very, like sensory seeking, it’s really great. It’s helps you to feel the differences because there’s like a little bit of grooves on the side. So it has a texture. So for children who are like sensory seeking, if it helps them have that experience while playing with this. So there’s the tactile experience, there’s the color recognition, spatial relations, following directions and or patterns. It’s a really great, there’s a reason why it won that award. So once again, it’s called Build z by 10 z company is named the company that makes it I keep looking at the wrong part. So it’s from the people who make 10 Z. It’s the karma games company and it won an award. And once again, you can fit everything back in nice and neat. And once you fit them in the cards go on the sides here, cards go here and here. So that was a really great feature that they had that because if not people would just throw it in the box willy nilly. So that’s another product. If you liked this video, please do so below and if you want to subscribe to the channel, I’ll have lots of other toys I’ll be reviewing and I’ll explain the educational benefits of each

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