3D Balloon Egg Carton Activity

Create a beautiful hot air balloon activity using recycled egg cartons, yarn and construction paper
Patrice Badami 0:03
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree Crafting with Patrice, and today I have this project. Here we use a piece of construction paper in the back just for background; we have a Dixie cup that I cut in half. Then we took little pieces of paper and we made them look to get this effect and I’ll show you how. What we did was we took a little peek, we took a hole puncher, which was easier because then it made it more symmetrical, we punched out of several different colors, and circles, then we took and we took individually we would take the different sections like here’s the purple and the orange, we glue them together at the edge to each other. And what I did here, the way I glued it though, so that it would stay I have to tell you, I use a glue gun, but I use a glue gun very differently than maybe some other people do. I take a dish like a paper plate, put the hot glue in there and I use a popsicle stick rather than using the gun directly on the project because one it’ll spill, too you can really burn yourself that way. So I use the popsicle stick and I attached all the different sections to each other. Then here we use regular glue where I took twine, and we put the little strings to the balloons there and we put it inside the head of the cuff here I used again, the glue gun to secure it, cut it in half. So that’s the result here. We did the same idea in a different a different project here. I did it with butterflies with her. Again, we used a hole puncher and then we glue them together. Just like so put a little sun and we put grass here just to give it a little texture. So that’s a really, really fun way of doing a 3d. Nice spring summer type project. Really fun. And if you like these projects, can you please like it and then subscribe to my channel because we’re gonna have a lot of fun craft tos up and coming
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