Alligator Tooth Brushing Activity

Patrice Badami 0:00
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with Patrice today I have something that’s really funny. It’s this little alligator guy. And what I did was I put, I put Dr big white Dr beans in here. So the purpose of this is to teach your child about how to brush the teeth. So this on here, you can see I’m wiping it off with my finger. So what I did was I took a piece of sponge and I stuck it in an old toothbrush, so that they can actually brush off the germs and whatnot. And then they can do it over and over again because it’s I took the different beans here and I put a clear gloss on it. I sprayed it with a clear gloss before I attached it, I made a little tongue. I made the little face but the to google eyes, the nostrils and then we have this so it’s like a cute it’s a cute little idea to teach them about germs in the teeth and tartar and giving them the proper brushing technique, teaching them that so it was just a cute little idea that I came up with and I wanted to share that with you. So it’s not just an activity for to make for fun. It’s also to teach them dental hygiene.
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