Baby Wipes Memory Game

Recycling plastic wipes lids is fun and easy. By reinforcing the back of the wipes lip with cardstock and using a pom pom you can create a fun memory game for your child. Increase the difficulty by using more wipes lids. You can also add numbers, letters, pictures and sight words as your child gets older. You can teach your child about sustainability by creating this fun activity.
Patrice Badami 0:03
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with Patrice and I came up with a great idea about how to use up these cool plastic pieces that go on top of wipes packages. I always feel bad throwing these out. So I said, let me see if I can make something. So here’s what I came up with. All right. So it’s a fun game my daughter loves to play. So you open up the little top here, I put construction paper on the back. Okay, so I made two like that. Then I have the third one. And the third one again, me show you what I did. We have it. I use the glue gun around the edge that stays firm. And I have this, you know the same thing. Now what I do is I open all three, open up the three. Okay, so they’re all open, one, two, and three. All right. So what I like to do is I take a pom pom, put it in one and close it, then what we do, see if you could see this on the table, put it back here. So what to play a game of memory. What we do is we slide them all around just like this sliding them around. And then you have to have your child or even an adult guess where the pom pom is because they’re exactly the same you don’t know where so it’s a cute little game. It sounds silly perhaps but you know what? She was playing with this for like a good half hour the other day. So I thought it was kind of fun. And it’s always great to use recycled materials.
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