Baby Jar Tea Lights

Create sparkling tea light candles from old baby jars. By using colorful stones and battery powered lights you can illuminate your room safely with this pretty project.
Patrice Badami 0:05
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with crafting with Patrice. And I wanted to share with you this craft project, I made this little jar from the baby jar, I took ripped-up pieces of tissue, and adhered it to the jar using Modge Podge, and I let it dry and it got really, really hard, which is excellent. So there are several different things you can do with this one, you can actually put one of those led little battery-powered lights in here, and then it really looks pretty when it’s glowing. That’s the one thing. The other thing is I like to use popsicle sticks. Oops, I want to put popsicle sticks inside. Okay, just like that. And with the popsicle sticks, there are several things you can do. One, you can make it like a boredom Buster jar, where you take the little popsicle stick and you write things like to jump up and down. You write things like Go get some crayons color a picture; you can have it be something like Take some marshmallows and toss them in the air and see if you can catch them. So you can put a whole bunch of different ideas for them in there. Another thing I like to do is make it I just made this one for Thanksgiving, I took the baby jar, and instead I put a piece of construction paper around it. And then I cut out this little head of the turkey and I put the little eyes and I put these colorful, really large sticks. And if you look, I made them look like the texture of feathers. So what you could do with this is on the back of these, you could write things like questions for Thanksgiving dinner, what are you grateful for? What’s your favorite thing about dinner? What’s your favorite thing about the holidays? What are you like to do to help other people it could be like a very lovely little thankful jar for Thanksgiving. Another thing you can do is you can make it into a sight word jar. So you can take out the plane sticks, you can put these sticks and what I like to do I keep dropping them. What I want to do is I want to put a stick in and have her picket. So this is the word right here we have the word little. So what I want to do is every night before we read, I have her pick one of these sight word sticks. And then we read a different few different books and see if she can find in the word in the reading the Word. And then another way of doing it is you can take the sticks, leave them in the jar and then write the words on construction paper. And then when she pulls it out, she can match it. So that’s like another thing you can do. That’s what I do if I keep saying she but that’s what I do with my daughter. Having said that, there are a lot of things you can do with a decorated little baby jar. You can make so many things with it. And I welcome you to give it a shot. Try it out. See how it works with your children.
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