Beauty Parlor Activity

By using recycled cardboard, yarn scraps and hair accessories you can create this interactive beauty studio.
Patrice Badami 0:03
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree crafting with Patrice and I have a really fun craft I want to share with you. Okay, so this is my beauty parlor first started off with a pretty big piece of cardboard, then I took a piece of paper, and taped it to the back. And then I put clear tape over the whole thing on this side. Then I put ribbons on top, and I brought them down so that there will be a place to hang and I taped it in the back. So that there will be a place to put the bows and the hair accessories. And then I put a command strip here so that I can have a brush and this one’s actually velcroed on. Okay, on this side, I had made this hair a headpiece with it was something she had worn for an activity she was in, and I kept it. So I attached that on top. Then I added some ribbon and here’s how I did the yarn. Okay, so see how long it is. What you do is lay out whatever yarn on the table that you want, and cut it so it’s an inch and a half longer than what you want here. So we’ll put that aside for a second, I’ll tell you about the yarn a minute. Then I found this really pretty picture here put it on again, and taped the entire thing with clear tape so that it’s nice and robust turning to the back. I know it looks scary, but it’s not. So what you do is you put you lay this on the table, and then you piece by piece, do it slowly, you would have to feed it through the back. Now, these are all I made all these holes with a screwdriver. I did that first and I lined it up with where I wanted the hair to fall in the front. Then I feed the yarn from the front to the back in sections and the holes are what you just it takes a little while but it’s fun once it’s done. So you do one at a time you make will not solve the older closer. And you’ll see here there are little knots. And then you pull it forward so that it’s in place here you remove it from the front and you make sure and if it’s a little loose, you make another knot. Make sure that that’s big enough that it won’t fall through and I here I pulled some out so you can see what’s how I did it here. Okay, so they can do so many things with this. They can learn to braid. They can put the bows in it’s really fun. She enjoys it. And I hope you do too. So if you liked this video, please do so below and please subscribe to my channel so I can bring you more fun crafts.
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