Colorful Folded Fans

By taking cardstock and folding it accordion style you can create beautiful decorative fans. Children are encouraged to fold in a symmetrical fashion to achieve a beautiful effect.
Patrice Badami 0:03
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with Patrice and I’m going to show you this really cute fan project. This is before this is after. Okay, now you don’t have to use the same color popsicle sticks as the paper you’re using. I just happened to have it. I wanted to use them up, you can have your child color, wooden popsicle sticks, or just leave them the wood color. You’re going to use glue from a glue gun on a plate with another popsicle stick for application, apply it here. Fold it up, and then accordion style, fold it down to the other side. So you have to fan it out like this. And then you can look on the bottom and then you have to kind of hold it in that position. And you’ll have this, and you can make a lot of these and hang them off, and they look pretty on the wall. You can even put flowers or little butterflies or little designs on it. So it’s a creative, easy project to do. And it’s fun, and if you like it, please do so below. Like the video and subscribe to my channel for more crafting with Patrice ideas.
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