Construction Sensory Bin

Create a fun construction sensory activity for your child. By including a children’s book about construction and some trucks you can make a fun activity for your child. When you include spoons and cups you encourage your child to strengthen their utensil grasp and pinching skills. These skills are instrumental in prewriting development.
Patrice Badami 0:03
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with Patrice and I wanted to share with you a bin that I made, right like this. I’m going to show you the pieces in a second. But it’s a construction site of mighty mighty construction site and a little excavator, I just threw in there just to make it a whole experience and you can put whatever construction looks you have a few construction vehicles, cement truck, I have. I have a little dump truck and excavator here, then I have smaller versions, I have a lot of these. I had a whole bunch of them so they can wind them up when they play. Got a little bulldozer here, throwing little lentils all over the floor, whatever. Here’s a little backhoe. And of course, we have the cones here. So I have some cones, I have a bunch of columns. And then I have these right here. So what I put in here is I put a whole bunch of I don’t know I just happened to have lentils and I have them in different colors. I threw some dried lima beans, you can put whatever you want you have if you have dry black beans, so it’s really cute. You can throw rice in there, whatever you want to do, but I’ve slept this look the most, you know, like like the the dirt or the soil, the sandy soil, there is whatever you want to use in there. But what’s nice about it is you throw everything in. But it’s not really messy. I mean, you have to sweep up the lentils and dry split peas, whatever you use. And you have the books in here, but it’s cute and fun and you just put down on the floor. What I always do is I put down a tablecloth so whenever I’m in the dollar store, I get a bunch of tablecloths, the ones with the filth back there, nice adorable, spread it out on the floor on a snowy day or rainy day and I would just take out a box like this. I have a bunch of other sensory bins that I’ll be bringing out and showing you just so you can get an idea of something fun to do with your children. If you liked this video, please do so below and please subscribe to my channel so I can bring you more crafting and activity ideas.
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