Cover Your Sneeze Craft

Patrice Badami 0:00
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with Patrice. Today I have this fun project to make. And this is actually a kind of project that a teacher can leave in the classroom or even your school nurse can make. So here, all I did, I took a box, just a regular box, I cut off the top part down below. And then I found a really cute page and this page, you can find they have these different sticker books where it’s a face, and then you put the eyes on yourself. So you can find that just about anywhere. I believe Melissa and Doug does a few of these. So you have the face, of course I put my clear plastic over it for to make sure that it lasts. And then here what we did was we cut our own mouth out and we call it red marker. And then there’s a string here. So when you’re trying to teach your children how to cover their mouth with their sneezing, you just have an extension here of a piece of cardboard, I just used a glue gun to attach it. So it’s like a long piece like that. And then I attached over here attach some material, so it looks like a handkerchief. And you would teach them this now, you could take it a step further. And if you really want to, and you can put in through here you can in the back, you can put a spray bottle and show people that you can spray through it and show the kids how the water droplets can travel. And then you can just show them this. That’s that’s not something I did right here because I didn’t think you’d be able to see it. But you would put a spray bottle back here. And what I would do, just if you’re going to do that is here on the bottom, cover this whole thing with the clear plastic or else the cardboard will start to fall apart. So if you cover the entire thing with plastic in the back, then you put the spray bottle here, spray it so that the kids can really understand they’ll get a kick out of it too. But anyway, here’s how you teach them and it’s just a cute little thing I thought I’d share. It’s a fun thing to teach children how to protect other people but in a fun way. So if you liked this video, please do so below. And please definitely follow me so I can bring you some more fun for apps.
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