Emotional Awareness Activity

Patrice Badami 0:00
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting laboratories. And today I have a really interesting craft we came up with, where it’s going to teach children about the different emotions that they may experience. So we have just we start with just the head, and then we create eyes and eyebrows on one card, in the matching skin tone. So we have that. And then we would have something perhaps a mouth like maybe that, so they can learn that. And then we have here, we have the angry eyes, and then we have the frown. And then we have we have to have maybe this frightened, I guess it could go either way, this way, or this way, like a frightened look. And here we have, like the crazy guys, or they could be smiling. You know, however you want to have the eyes. So you it’s it’s up to your imagination. It’s interesting how you can change the expression by changing not just the the eyes, but the eyebrows. And then you have this can maybe a concerned a concern look like they’re very well, it’s not that way. Very concerned. So there’s all different ways of doing it. So you start with the one shape of the head, I just want to make it as simple as possible. And then just come up with different expressions. Whatever your you know, whatever your imagination wherever it brings you. So these are all the eye eyes here. And here’s the mouse, we got the happy face, we have the sad face. We have the confused or angry face. And then we have the surprised. So it’s just a cute idea to help your child you know, learn about the different emotions, and to be able to express them in a fun way. It’s a great, it’s a great tool for maybe a speech therapy class where you’re talking about social skills, and it’s just a fun idea and you can have your child personalize it to their skin tone. So they can make it for themselves and maybe use that to express themselves. Just a great cute idea as an activity to again, we did use recycled materials using up some cardboard for this part. And usings just simply paper here. And it’s just a cute little project.
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