Interactive Bee Hive Activity

Recycled bottle caps colorful paper and recycled candy box paper help you to create this cute bee hive activity.
Patrice Badami 0:03
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with Patrice and today I have a cute once again, another interactive little little craft. So here we have another scene with my famous brass that I like to make it here and this one though we’re going to do is it’s going to be a little different the way you play with it, you’re just gonna crunch this down to give it a little texture. It’s fun for the kids to see how it looks a little different now. And then we’re gonna have to cut out a little high. I actually use this some of this material it says here, it’s from Russell Stover to me, so I actually saved it because I thought it looked like a beehive for some reason. Anyway, so there we go. Then I have some little butterflies. And they can tuck that in the grass. Well, they can put it up here I put the little eyes on fun. Okay, then we took a I’m gonna put this down for a second just so I can show you what we can hear. You may have little bees out of water bottles, the tops. And so I’m going to try to hold it up. We’ll see how that goes. All right, so there it is. It’s because if I hold it up higher, it’ll drop. So yeah, the children can play with the little bees. I’ll just use one that can like playing with is perfect even when I just make this noise anyway. Well, yeah, that’s how they would play with it. Okay, so there it is. Can you see that? Yeah, so just another idea for recycling and having fun at home, using different things and creating fun interactive toys for the children using recycled materials. If you’re interested in this, please do me a favor. Subscribe to the channel and like this video, and I’ll be bringing you a lot more crafts
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