Interactive Day Night Activity

Ignite your childs imagination with an engaging interactive day and night scene using colorful cardstock.
Patrice Badami 0:03
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with acorn tree crafting with Patrice, and today, I have two really cute little interactive crafts that we made at home. Okay, so let me show you these little characters are formed all over. So let me show you what we did. Okay, first I took a nice piece of cardboard rice crispy box. And then I put some beautiful colored paper, I decided to make this a night scene. So we put the dark blue paper and I made a little moon Unknown Speaker 0:30 on my hand, then we made a little tree. And we made a mushroom and making the grass is the fun part here. Now you’re gonna make it in three different sections. So you have three layers. Now in between, you’re gonna, you’re just going to glue the very bottom part to each of the three sections so that you can stick things in each of the sections, so you can move the little pieces around. And it’s really fun for the kids. That’s how they’re interacting with it. So here we made a wreck hole. And there he is, we made a little owl and we can put the owl in a different section like right there. So it’s really fun for them to play with things like this and you can make it very quickly. So that’s our night scene. And you can always put more trees and whatnot if you want it to. Here’s the RJC Unknown Speaker 1:16 Okay, so I’ll take out the little characters here. But then after. So here, once again, with the layers of grass, we have a mushroom, we have the sun, and a tree, and the three layers of grass move around the little characters. There’s the mom affair and the baby bear and you can put little rhinestones however you want to decorate them. It’s really fun and I love playing with this with her because it’s something once again a recycled box. And it’s something that they can hang on to and play with and you can take it with you and go out somewhere. And it’s something that if they do lose a piece, it’s easily replaced. So I hope you like this. If so please like it below and please subscribe so that you can see more fun crafts with the trees.
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