Interactive Frozen Counting Activity

Teaching children about how to create fun and educational crafts from recycled materials is an important lesson in sustainability. This project helps children to create a number recognition and counting activity from cardboard and pony beads. Encourage your child to use a theme that they are interested in to make it more colorful and engaging. Here we used Disney’s Frozen.
Patrice Badami 0:03
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with the trees. Today, I have a very fun activity that you can actually use this for learning numbers, or you can use it for learning letters. However you know you whatever your meat is. Here I set it up for numbers. So I used a piece of cardboard, and I cut out a section in the middle. I put different paper here with the background that goes with frozen because my daughter likes that. And then I put clear tape all around this to make sure that it’ll last a long time. And then I strung some beads here, I’ll show you how I did that in a minute. last a long time numbers. So I took the numbers put on a coordinating colored piece of paper, then I put cardboard on the back for durability, again with the clear tape. So here’s the number seven and then they would count out seven games. So that’s how I would that’s how we play with this. Now on the back. As you can see, I used a wipes box to recycle. And I put a bag here I put all the numbers here so that it’s easy to keep together so you don’t lose anything. There right there like that. Okay, zip. And so I’m going to show you how to do this part. Two, take a piece of cardboard and punch a hole in the back. I have lanyard string here for durability. Put it through, put your beads through here. Tape it back on the other side. I also tie the knot and then I taped it. So that’s how I made this fun interactive little learning toy. I hope you like it. If so please like below and subscribe to the channel and I’ll bring you some more really fun crafts.
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