Matching Activity

Patrice Badami 0:00
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with Patrice. And today I wanted to show you this little idea for a matching game. So what I did was I took a bunch of these these index cards. And what I did was I used stickers that were of interest to my daughter, just like this, and I had I need two sets so that she would match the one that matches the ones you can put them in a pile. So we have cars here, then I have a construction site here, where we use stickers from all different types of stickers that you would find on a construction site and the vehicles. And so you basically just make two of every little scene that you have, and then you have your child match them. You can also do that with using little dots on the on the index cards, anything you want to use on these. And then it’s a portable game where you can have your child play with them when you’re out to dinner. This one has just the vehicle itself that your child could match. So we have all different vehicles, and then they would match them. So it’s just a cute idea to make something that you can throw together into a little bag and take with you when you’re out to dinner when you’re traveling. Just a cute little idea doesn’t take a lot just need a lot of stickers to have each and then you throw it in your bag, throw it in your purse and you have something to do with your kids while you’re waiting online or when you’re waiting at a restaurant for your food. So if you liked this video, do so and follow for more crafting ideas.
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