Butterfly Positive Reinforcement Behavior Jar

Using a motivational shape ( I used sparkling butterflies) you can use baseballs, mini cars, pom-poms or anything that would motivate your child and can fit into a jar. By adding to the jar when a child behaves properly, is polite, and does chores you can encourage good behavior.
Patrice Badami 0:04
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with a coconut tree and crafting with Patrice and I wanted to show you a few different ways that I use mason jars in my home. First of all right here, there’s a whole bunch of little butterflies in here, I’m going to show these two. Okay, so I got these cute little butterflies, they’re matched with a little wire, and they each have little crystals on them. It’s adorable. What I do is with my daughter, we have a big basket like this. And what I do is I give her the jar each week, and I have her put it in, if she behaves properly that day and does what she needs to do without having any type of meltdowns. She takes a butterfly every night before bed, and she puts it in the jar. So it’s a way of positive reinforcement for great behavior. And she gets that for all different things. Just not having a tantrum is one thing, but also helping with the dishes and cleaning her room. So every time she does something that’s really great, she gets a butterfly. And then what we do is sometimes you put a sticker on here, and we have I’m working for going and visiting the horses near my house. So you can put a different sticker or a little note on top, I think a picture is good for young preschoolers. And then you can have your child work towards something positive; it’s a nice way of behavior management but with a positive twist. So that’s one thing I do with Mason jars. The other thing I do is take the little jar, and I’m a button collector. So I put buttons on the bottom. And then I took the lid of the job that mason jar and I put on a little piece of fabric. So I want to show you I’m taking it apart. So this is something that children can do with you. So that’s why I wanted to share these different ideas. So what I did was here’s the back of the lip, I put a piece of fabric then I put inside I put little pieces of bat and okay, then I use the glue gun and I attached it, then you just put the tarp on like so. And you can put like what I also did was I made a sewing kit one where I put yarn and a tape measure and you can have them do this as a gift for someone for the holidays. In my case, I just put my button collection in there, but you can then it just screws right on just make sure you use enough glue and definitely use a glue gun. So you have to have the children you know maybe step back they can fill in the material with the batting or cotton balls, whatever you have. And then you can do the glue gunning once again, I’m gonna take it off, you take this out. So you put the glue in here inside. You make the bag with the batting with the material and cut the material a little bit bigger than the lid. And then you just glue it all together. And you put it back together so snap it into place. This is a really cute idea for a gift you know so children can feel and this is something you know what a quilter somebody could use this right next to their craft area. It’s a great idea. And it’s very inexpensive. You can get 12 jars for like maybe $5 the material you can find I’m sure you have the material in your house and we’re even a bandana you can use and a bandana would make four of them or so. I also did this other thing with Mason Jar, I put all my embroidery floss inside this jar, and then I use this special team I’m going to show you when I put embroidery floss. So it’s this box here I have it’s called chalkboard labels inside the box it has it has the labels with that you know the chalkboard background with the special liquid chalk. So you can use these even for yourself. You can have your child organize their bedroom, or their study space. And then you can actually do this in your pantry. You can have rice, beans, whatever it looks really pretty to have this all organized in your pantry. And then you can also have your child put markers in crayons, whatever it is, and you can actually instead of using the glass jars, you can find jars that are plastic as well to use if you feel more comfortable with that. So that’s something that is a really cute idea to use with a mason jar. So several different things I had here for you to try using mason jars and they look pretty, they’re adorable. You can use them over and over again. And just another idea for you to enjoy and try
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