Ocean Animal Craft

Patrice Badami 0:00
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with the trees and today I wanted to show you something we did. So we have a lot of shells and things in my house. So I took a large shell. And I said, let me make some ocean little creatures. So we made a couple of crabs. Here’s one I’m gonna show you. So we made some crabs. Just putting a little bit of pipe cleaner on the bottom, cutting little legs out bending them, and then putting the little google eyes on. Do you do do little grabs? And then here’s another one. I think I made a yellow one to get a little yellow one. And then I took some shells and I made these cute little faces with the shells I have. I like the one that has the mouth open. So it reminds me of a muppet. So anyway, yeah. So I did that again, using the glue gun to close it and then having your child painted. And then what’s cute is you can display it, you know, maybe during during summer, whatever. You can put all the little creatures that you made in the little shell you have here, just like so. And it’s just a cute little craft for the summer. Wanted to share that with you. If you liked this, like it below and subscribe for more crafting ideas.
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