Salt Dough Ornaments

Salt dough is fun to make and create ornaments with. It is very durable and you can make it with just salt and flour. By using modge podge you can preserve your creations to use year after year. Add sparkles before covering your creations in modge podge to add a magical shine.
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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with the trees. Today I wanted to show you something really fun that I’ve made with my daughter. So these are salt dough ornaments. Now I made these and made some of these for Valentine’s Day that I made some for. We have we keep our Christmas tree up all year long and we put different ornaments for each season. So these are the ones that we did for January then we made hearts for February and we’re going to probably make Easter egg soon. In any case, they’re great. They’re adorable, and they’re fun to make. So let me tell you how to do it. First of all, you need four cups of flour, one cup of salt, one and a half cups of water. You need a toothpick. You need some glitter, some paint ModPodge ribbon, and if you use parchment paper on a regular basis, that makes sense. That will work too. You can also put it on a nonstick pan. I always bake mine. Some people air dried them, I bake them at 200 for one hour. So the way we did it was I have this really fun snowflake cookie cutter which is one of my favorites to use. I use that now the toothpick what you’re going to do as you roll out the dough, you cut out your ornament you put the toothpick make a nice big hole a little bit further down not so close to the end because it might break. So I made a little hole here. Okay, and then I baked it and then I let it cool. Then we what we did was we put the we put Modge Podge on first on both sides ModPodge then we put the paint on. Then we put the before the paint drive we put the glitter, then we put more Modge Podge because if you just put the glitter on top of the paint, it’s all gonna flake off it just does. So make sure that you Modge Podge it after you put the glitter on and they’re just amazing. Now, another thing I want to share with you is I never I have a lot of ornaments and things in my shed. I don’t put these out there because I feel like the moisture outside might make them fall apart. So once they’re done for whichever season that we have them out, I put them in a bin I wrap them and then I put them away in the house I don’t put them in the shed because I feel like they would fall apart. So anyway, these are salt dough ornaments, fun and great to do a nice rainy day activity here in New York. It was warm for a couple days here we are in March and now it’s freezing again. So I they still apply the nice little snowflakes. Anyway, hope you have fun doing this and if you liked this activity, please like it below and subscribe to my channel
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