Sensory Bottle

Use water and baby oil or water and clear glue, sparkles, beads and plastic ponytail elastics and a recycled water bottle you can create a fun sensory bottle for your child. Sensory bottles are great for helping children decompress and practice mindfulness.
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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree craft and with the trees today I have a sensory bottle. Now there’s two ways of making it. First step, you find little items you want to put it. That includes the glitter, maybe some plastic little rings, these are little hair ties in there. But not they’re not the fabric ones because I don’t know how those would react with the water after a while I have butterflies I have word beads, you can get out that that Egypt get number beads. So this is what we create. I even put a little tiny bit of dye because I want my daughter to be able to see the items and just a touch of blue, not die, but like food coloring really. Anyway, so here’s how you do it. You take it and you fill it. The first method is fill it three quarters of the way with hot water. Then the rest of it you would put glue, clear glue. So what would be here, three quarters, hot water, one quarter clear glue, then you take a glue gun and you glue the top on so that the children aren’t opening it up. And that’s the whole thing. That’s that’s method one. Now Method two is you put 1/3 you would put water the rest would be baby oil. And again, you would clear you would take the Google logo on the top. So there’s two ways of doing it. For me personally, I just this one happens to be glue and it works pretty well. But you can try different methods, different colors. You can try different glitters, you can try different little beads and things to put in there. It’s a really cool thing I find myself playing with it all the time. Anyway, so yeah, this is Patrice Badami with crafting with Patrice. If you liked the video, maybe you could do so below and then subscribe because you’ll see lots more craps from acorn to tree
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