Superhero Dolls

Everyone loves superheroes. You can make these with pipe cleaners, straws, pony beads felt and wooden beads. Make one for everyone in your family for a personal touch!
Patrice Badami 0:02
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree crafting with Patrice and today we’re gonna make some really cute little superheroes. Yeah. Okay, so we’re gonna look at this one this one’s supposed to be made anyway. Alright, first you need a piece of felt. You need the plastic straws. We need some pony beads here. How many do you need 2468 of those. And you need some pipe cleaners, to two pipe cleaners to vocalize we need something for hair, whatever you have yarn or whatever you have in your house, and then you need a bead, which I’ll show you here. It’s a little wouldn’t be you can get them in craft stores. Okay, so the way you do it is first I’m going to show you how you’re going to cut the felt not just in a triangle shape, but you need to cut this type of a shape so that you can tie this around the neck in the front. If you just cut a triangle, it’s gonna be difficult to attach. So let’s see if we can see that. There you go. Okay, that’s the first thing. Now I’m going to show you the very first step is you’re going to get I have two pipe cleaners here, oops, in two different colors, just so you can see what we’re doing. So you’re gonna twist them together, just like that. Now, at this point, you decide how long you want the arms, how long you want the legs, and whatnot. So it’s you’re going to fold it in half. Take that, fold it in half, wrap all your pieces, then you’re going to stick the bead, you’re going to stick it up inside the beam here, you’re going to use the glue rug, and you’re gonna be careful because you’re going to put it on the plate, that’s my little tip, get a popsicle stick, put the glue on the plate as it melts. And here’s where older kids can use do this perhaps it’s under your supervision, you get the popsicle stick, put a little little bit of glue, stick it inside the head, stick the and then you stick the pipe fingers up inside. Okay, just like this. Okay, then, the next thing you do is you use the glue for the hot glue and you could put the eyes on and then you put the hair on. However you want to do that later. If you want, you can use a permanent marker and put a little smile if you want. We just kept ours without that. Alright, next step, you’re going to cut, you’re gonna get two straws, you’re going to cut them and you’re going to lace them up inside the pipe cleaner. You’re going to put it on top of the pipe cleaner here and you’re going to cut them into two pieces for each section. So it’s like a joint effect. It makes it more fun. Okay, you’re gonna when you put the first piece of the straw, you’re gonna put two pony beats just looks cute. And then you put the second piece and you curl up to make a hand or foot depending on which section you’re working on. So you do that for all four sections. Well, I guess more appendages if you will curl up on the bottom so that it doesn’t fall apart. And then when you have your felt all cut out, you put you put this cord in the back in the front, you tie it make a double knot so it doesn’t come off. And there you go. We have one for each each kid in the house. So there we go. Really fun. So I hope you enjoy this. If so please like it and follow me by subscribing and you’ll see lots more fun perhaps to me
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