Tree Lacing Activity

Make this lacing tree with cardboard, string and decorations. This activity encourages the fine motor skill of lacing.
Patrice Badami 0:05
Hi, this is Patrice Badami. Thanks for joining me for crafting with Patrice where I share different crafting ideas with you to do with your children. Today, I want to share with you this little tree that I made, which incorporates fine motors so that it encourages children to take the yarn and weave it in and out. And they can make all different types of patterns with it. It’s a very simple project. First, you should cut a little tree shape out of a piece of cardboard, friendly thick cardboard, the thicker it is, the more adorable it’ll be and it’ll be able to, it’ll withstand the children, bending it back and forth when they put the yarn in. So I’m gonna go backward and take this yarn out and show you what I’m talking about. So here, what I did was I had her paint the tree, and then we put glitter on because you always have to have the glitter when they’re little kids. So I’m just gonna take out a few. So what I did was I had her paint the tree, then she put the glitter, you could see it a little bit there when I showed it, turn it, and then I put little notches in the side here. So that she’s able to actually I’ll go like that so you can see. So she that she’s able to weave back and forth. And it’s cute because they can take the yarn out and then do a different pattern. And it’s also helping them with their hand-eye coordination. In order to do it. It’s a very simple little project, but what I do is I did it in three steps. First, I cut it out, then I had her paint it we let it dry, then we put some glitter on. And then I cut up the notches and gave it to her and she did it with the yarn. So it’s a very simple little project to seasonal, and it helps with a few different skills. So they’re going to be painting, they’re going to you know practice with their their grip of the paintbrush, which will help with later on with pencils and pens and crayons and such. And then there’s they’re doing the weaving. They’re using their fingertips going in and out of the group. So it’s a cute little project for little kids, and I just wanted to share it with you
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