Unicorn Puppet Craft

Let your creativity run wild with this unicorn puppet with recycled cardboard on the back, construction paper and a popsicle stick you can make this magical unicorn puppet.
Patrice Badami 0:04
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with equal to tree crafting with Patrice and I wanted to share with you this fun little unicorn puppet that we made. So we use some ribbon that I had on my hands. All this is here is just a cone out of construction paper but what I did was I put a popsicle stick in the back so that it gave it a little bit of firmness. Then we cut out some hair right here using yellow construction paper and I just made a little fringe on it. Put in some eyes, a little bit of crayon here to get the blush, and two little holes for the nostrils we use a piece of cardboard in the back and then put another popsicle stick. Now in this case we used all I used a glue gun to help her so that pieces like this piece in the back definitely needed a glue gun up here and then up on top. In order to reinforce the cone. I put the cone on and then I glue guns become right back here you can see what I glue gun did to the cardboard. So yeah, it’s just all this is construction paper of two popsicle sticks and using up cardboard to recycle and it came out really cute. You can make different types of Oh, I forgot I also cut out right here. I cut out the little head of the unicorn and I put the white background. So yeah, this is just an example of something you can make using stuff that you have at home and it came up pretty good. So it’s fun to share that with you
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