Winter Diorama

Patrice Badami 0:00
Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with crafting with Patrice and today I have a diorama that we made for the winter or it has a winter scene, we have just a little piece of paper in the back with the snowflake motif here I have some I put some cotton balls and I put a little piece of batting on top. So look like a mound of snow. And I put some glitter as I always do. Then I cut out these trees right here, I put some glitter on there and I did the packing tape once again, like I always do when I use the cereal box to reinforce plus I made a little stand here so that the children could move them around and put place them however they want. Just like that we have a little right here we have a little coyote or Fox or whatever, I guess that’s more of a box. And then we again we use the cereal treat the box and then we made the bottom here so it’s a little stand and put the glitter and the packing tape. And I did the same thing here with again, the packing tape and the glitter. And then I put the popsicle stick in the back so that it can be played with and they the children can move it around however they want. So it’s kind of a cute idea. And what’s interesting about this is that you can use this winter theme and you can make all different things. So you could use penguins make penguins. You could do whatever you like. So it’s just a cute idea for craft just to use use up materials in your house old shoe boxes and make something beautiful.
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