Different Like Me by Jennifer Elder: Celebrating Diversity and Inclusivity


Different Like Me’ by Jennifer Elder is a delightful children’s book that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusivity. Through colorful illustrations and engaging storytelling, the book introduces young readers to individuals with various abilities and highlights the beauty of being different. This review explores how ‘Different Like Me’ encourages empathy, understanding, and acceptance, making it a valuable resource for teaching children about diversity and embracing uniqueness.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review. Today I have this beautiful book from Jennifer elder. It’s illustrated by Mark Thomas and Jennifer elder. And it’s called different like me my book of autism heroes. So I found this book. So very special and important, because this book describes some people in the world who have autism who are famous and went on to make life changing contributions to the world. And it’s just a very special book. And I liked it because it helps children to understand that if you are different in some way, it doesn’t mean that you’re limited all the time, it doesn’t mean that you can’t assume that you have to, to reach your fullest potential. In this book, it talks about how Albert Einstein had autism. It talks about Temple Grandin, who had autism, Diane Fawcett, Patrice Badami 0:57 there’s so many people who have had on autism, that we don’t even realize we just look at what they’ve done in their lives. So this is a book that has a whole series of different people, that Isaac Newton. So this book will be such a great thing to share with your family to help illustrate that having autism doesn’t mean that you are limited, it means that that just means it’s a part of who you might be. But it doesn’t mean it just it’s a description of everything you could possibly do. It’s just one piece of you. And you have so much potential that you can reach so many different things, so many heights, and you can contribute to society in so many ways, just like all of us do, you know, we’re all different. So having said that, it’s just a wonderful story different like me a book of autism heroes, Jennifer elder, illustrated by Mark Thomas and Jennifer elder. So see if you can find this book and read this with your family. Just very interesting read to because it talks. It has the biographies of each of the people in just summarized, but just so that your child can understand who Isaac Newton and for example, Albert Einstein, who these people were, so see if you could find it and share it with your family.

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