Eats, Shoots and Leaves: Mastering the Art of Punctuation


In “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves,” author Lynn Truss takes readers on a witty and informative journey through the world of punctuation. This review explores the book’s engaging writing style, insightful explanations, and practical examples that help readers improve their punctuation skills. It emphasizes the importance of proper punctuation in clear communication and celebrates the beauty of language.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree children’s book review, and today I have a book. It’s called Eats, Shoots, and Leaves by Lynne Truss. Why commas do make a difference. And it’s illustrated by Bonnie Timmons. So it’s a book that illustrates in black and white and color photos how children need to make sure they put the commas in the right place because the meaning is entirely different when you don’t put it in the spot that you want it to. So you might want to eat a huge hot dog, but a huge hot dog would run away pretty quickly if you tried to take a bite out of him. Just look inside to see how forgetting to include a comma or placing it in the wrong spot can completely change the meaning of a sentence with hilarious consequences. It’s adapted from Eats Shoots and Leaves, the number one bestseller. This book is short to elicit gales of laughter and better punctuation for all who read it. So this is great for English teachers. It’s a terrific tool to use in the classroom, but it’s also fun to read; it home once again eats shoots and leaves. Why commas do make a difference by Lynne Truss and Bonnie Timmons

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