Educational Insights Sight Word Swat: A Fun and Interactive Way to Learn Sight Words

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Educational Insights Sight Word Swat is an educational game designed to help young children learn sight words in a fun and interactive way. The game includes a variety of activities, such as swatting flies with a fly swatter and matching words to pictures. With engaging illustrations and colorful design, Sight Word Swat makes learning sight words enjoyable for children.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s educational toy review today I have for you something we’re actually using in my in my house. It’s called Learning Resources, sight word Swat. So again, it’s from learning resources, and it’s called sight word Swat. It’s a great fast paced spot and SWAT game, so they show you how you play it. This is obviously great for teaching sight words, sight words to children. So let me show you what I’ve done here. Okay, I separated some of these. Okay, so these it’s for children, five plus. And depending on what, what you can do is there’s different, they call them sometimes in the classroom, they called Snap words sometimes. So there’s certain words that they should know automatically upon site. And it depends check with your teacher as to the list of sight words you need to work on with your child. Because if you’re playing, okay, as you can see, there’s a lot in here. Because actually comes with this many. If you can see how many are in there’s a lot. So there’s a lot in here. And there’s a lot here so that the frustration level is low, because your children are first if when children first learning, just put out a few. Okay, so I would separate it, put them in little bags or separate however, you want to ensure that the children don’t get overwhelmed and give up because when they’re first learning to read, sometimes they want to do it so badly. And they want to go fast, and then they get frustrated. So you can have something like for example, with this game, you can, what I do, is I have a second set of my own sight words. So I created these on my own, but you can actually do it differently. You can just write down on a piece of paper, the word for example, the word bread right there, you can write it, put it down on the paper, like what I do is I have my own. So I would say the word we and then each person there’s enough for four people, just for swatters, you have everyone sit, and then you have to have rules with this because this could get a little hairy if they if children get too wild with this. So what you do is when the first person swats, you don’t start fighting over it, they have to learn how to cooperate, how not to get, they have to be careful with this waters that they don’t smack each other’s hand. But you have to make sure that they learn once a person has called it out, and they I have it. And that’s the end of it. If two people are fighting over it, then just do it over. I don’t think it’s right to get kids to round up with it. You just want them to learn how to see things and had a cat get on, you know, get ahead with these different sight words. Start once again with a smaller group, when they’re first learning to do sight words, and then have either a piece of paper or I actually laminated some sight words on my own, and have that in front of the children or hold it up like this. And then they each look and just like slap Dragon, they have to be very careful. And if somebody if there’s a squabble and two people try to hit it with one do over, because you don’t want it you know, you don’t want the children to get too excitable in the sense of that thing. You know, we don’t want that. So having said that, this is a great game to incorporate. They’re using the they’re using the actual paddles and it’s great because they’re getting involved. They’re not just you’re not just showing them flashcards here, you’re having them get involved they’re looking they’re able to determine which sight word among all the other words, and the becoming familiar with the letter combination. So it’s great. It’s called sight word SWAT learning resources, a sight words game. Excellent idea, so that children aren’t just sitting with flashcards. They’re working, using their own sight and determining where the word is. Letter there discerning different letter patterns. And it’s a pre it’s a pre reading activity. So it’s very fun. Five and up and add the words as they start achieving. To make it more challenging, add more words, and there’s plenty here that they supply you with. Look at this. So sort through it. Find the words your child’s working on and enjoy learning about sight words together. 

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