Egyptian Lullaby by Zima M. Piska: An Enchanting Children’s Book Celebrating Ancient Wonders


“Egyptian Lullaby” by Zima M. Piska is an enchanting children’s book that celebrates the wonders of ancient Egypt through soothing melodies. This article takes readers on a journey through the captivating pages, exploring the rich history and cultural heritage of Egypt. Join us as we delve into the lyrical storytelling that weaves tales of pyramids, pharaohs, and majestic Nile, lulling young readers to sleep with the magic of the past. Through vivid illustrations and gentle rhythms, “Egyptian Lullaby” offers a delightful bedtime experience that sparks curiosity and appreciation for ancient marvels.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with acorn tree children’s book review. And today I have a nice book. It’s called Egyptian Lullaby. It’s written by Zeena M. Piska. And it’s illustrated by Hatem Aly. So here’s the story. It’s a wonderful story about how this little girl gets so excited when her aunt comes to visit who normally lives in Egypt, she comes to visit. And with her, she brings traditions that this child really really cherishes. And here, what I like about it is it shows a map, so that your child can see where Egypt is. It talks about how when she comes how excited everybody is. And while she’s home, she makes this wonderful drink she brings, right here, she brings it with her from Egypt. And it’s a delicious drink similar to maybe our hot chocolate, and she makes it and she brings it with her so that she can share it. And at the end of the story, the child, you know, makes up some for herself. And they use technology and they speak through the zoom and they’re drinking the special drink via the internet,  together. And it’s just very sweet. Because while she’s here, she also shares stories from Egypt. There’s a beautiful verse in here all about it’s a poem, and has great words explaining the different things that happen in Egypt so that she can as a child, just envision all the different things going on to Egypt. And they talk about the difference. And then she while she’s visiting the aunt, she creates some beautiful meals for them. And so she’s teaching even though she’s far away, and when she came to visit, it really was very important that she made it meaningful for for her niece. And so it’s so nice story because it helps to explain him to children that even though people are far away, you can still keep you know, close ties with them through technology, but you can also by keeping their traditions alive, creating dishes that they make. It’s just a nice story, teaching children all about family. Here is an excerpt of the poem from the book: . “Every night Auntiei Fatima sings the sounds of Egypt to me, that’s her aunt, as I fall asleep. This is the Nile which flows through the city Swish, swish, swish. So she teaches her about everything that she might not know about Egypt.” So it’s a beaut beautiful book once again. It’s called Egyptian Lullaby from Zeena M. Piska and it’s illustrated by Hatem Aly. So see if you can find this book. It’s a wonderful story about family

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