Fairy tale Spin to Play: A Magical Storytelling Game for Kids

Fairytale Spinner, by Eeboo Collect the Elements & Tell a Story, Create Your Own Story as you Play, For 2 to 4 Players, For Ages 5 and up

Product Description:

Fairy tale Spin to Play is a game that allows children to create their own fairy tales using a spinner to choose characters, settings, and conflicts. This encourages creativity and imagination while providing endless possibilities for storytelling.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s educational toy review. And here I have a really cute toy. This one best toy award. This is from the EBO company Eboo company. All right, and it’s called Eboo, fairy tale spin to play, collect the elements and tell a story. Create your own story as you play it. So here’s what’s cute about this. It’s it’s something that they can continue to play because you’ll get different combinations. And it’s really cute right here. It tells you all the pieces here. So there’s the different scenes, there’s the heroines, there’s the villains, there’s the magic elements, the treasure, they have the transformation, transportation, pardon me. And then they have the the magical objects. So these are the helpers, the magical helpers here and then, so it’s cute. Let me show you how you play it. All right. So there’s different scenes. It’s very colorful. It’s a very storyboards. Very pretty. So you have that scene. And then there’s this scene, this scene and this scene, and you can see set, you pick whichever one you want. So the child gets to choose. But here’s how it played, how do you play at them. So the way you get to choose or the different elements is first, the first thing you do is you, you spin. Alright, so the first thing I got was the place. So that’s you don’t just let them pick to be before the game they have to earn if you will spin and earn the place. So they pick their place. Okay, great. Next person, and then the next person goes. And the next person has transportation that they got. So they get to pick the transportation, you spin again. And then you have treasure. So you keep you basically, you have to continue playing until you have all of the elements for the story. And then you create a story. So you get all the different pieces. And I’ll tell you once again, because I was a little bit unclear, I’ll tell you once again. So you have your place, you have your heroes, you have your rivals, then you have your magical helpers, sorry, magical helpers. Here, you have your treasure, transportation and magical objects. So once you’ve earned by spinning all of these, and there’s also a lose, lose your turn. So then you don’t get anything, but you get all of the elements. And then once the child and when where was playing, gets the pieces put together, they tell the story and they come up with their own story. So it’s great because it helps them to be very imaginative and creative. And it teaches them to have patience, because sometimes you know, you’ll spin and you’ll get magical objects like three times you only get to have one of each of the categories. And they have to learn patience and they it does take a little bit of time sometimes, but it’s a great rainy day, snowy day activity where you have time to sit, relax, and play this game best toy award once again from Eboo fairy tale spins, play, collect the elements to tell the story. Create your own story as you play a great, great game. And the pieces are just made beautifully. The colors are really engaging. And it’s a great idea for for a really fun, inventive game.

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