First Meals by Annabel Karmel: A Delicious Guide to Introducing Solid Foods to Your Baby


This book review delves into “First Meals” by Annabel Karmel, a comprehensive guide for parents on introducing solid foods to their babies. The article highlights the author’s expertise in baby nutrition and summarizes the book’s key features, including age-appropriate recipes, guidance on food allergies, and tips for encouraging healthy eating habits. It praises the book for its clear instructions, colorful illustrations, and variety of nutritious meal ideas. The review emphasizes the importance of introducing diverse flavors and textures to develop a child’s palate. It concludes by recommending “First Meals” as an invaluable resource for parents embarking on their baby’s culinary journey.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree parenting book review, and I have a great book called first meals from Annabel Karmel. It’s a fast, healthy, and fun food to tempt infants and toddlers, from babies’ first meals to family favorite pieces. So take a look at this. So yeah, I just want to say that what’s funny about this book is that I’ve referred to it when trying to make different types of dips for myself. So they have different textures, how to introduce them to the babies, then they have great ideas for nutritious meals for your toddler that aren’t too spicy. They’re very palatable. They’re delicious. Look at these dips; I made some of those dips, the strawberry, and the avocado. These are they’re straightforward, they’re not overly spicy or salty, and they’re very nutritious. Here’s some I made the salmon stores. And these are the vegetable croquet that I had made as well. So this book is helpful because it’s not just about introducing different foods to your child. Still, it’s also helping you come up with simple, delicious ideas that you can bring into not just toddlers but even elementary school kids and even yourself with the dips; I have reflux, so I need to be really careful with the type of dips I eat. And this is tasty if I did have simple foods with few spices, and the ingredients are wholesome and nutritious. So once again, Annabel Karmel’s first meals are fast, healthy, and fun foods to tempt infants and toddlers, from babies’ first foods to family that says your favorite family feasts. So yeah, we’re still making some of these things in here. This is a great idea to have a different perspective on different types of foods. And when you don’t want to, do the chicken nuggets or the over-processed foods. You can create them yourself with this great book and the recipes here. 

Make mealtime magic for the whole family!

First Meals makes it simple for you to feed your children five and younger in the most healthy, economical, and least labor-intensive way possible–with the food you have cooked yourself! A lively, easy-to-use cookbook with photographs on every page and more than 150 recipes, First Meals ranges from the first solid foods a baby should eat to meals the entire family can enjoy. Nutritional information for all recipes and preparation and cooking times, freezing instructions, and special tips for fussy or allergy-plagued eaters are included. Author Annabel Karmel, Cordon Bleu-trained chef and mother of three, has organized First Meals by age (4-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, etc.), making this a must-have guidebook for any family with “under-5s”.

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