Give Yourself to the Rain by Teri Weidner: A Journey of Healing and Connection


This book review delves into the enchanting world of ‘Give Yourself to the Rain’ by Teri Weidner. The review explores how the book celebrates the beauty and tranquility of nature, inviting readers to immerse themselves in its healing embrace. With captivating illustrations and poetic prose, ‘Give Yourself to the Rain’ captures the essence of finding solace and connection in the rain’s gentle touch. It emphasizes the importance of mindfulness, self-reflection, and the rejuvenating power of nature in our busy lives. This book is a wonderful companion for anyone seeking inspiration and inner peace through the beauty of the natural world.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review and today I have a book called give yourself to the rain. It’s by Margaret Wise Brown. She also wrote Good night moon, it’s illustrated by Terry L. Weidner. These are poems for the very young. So I wanted to just share this book with you because this is the first of many poetry books I also wanted to share in the children’s book review. Margaret Wise Brown once observed to write for welfare children, one must love the things that children love and write well for children she did, with a deep love for and a keen perception of all things great and small in the world around us. the collection here is for the first time there are 24 of Margaret Wise Brown’s children’s poems, which range in subject from jig dancing pigs, and the wild sound of the wind to the colors of the summer day, and the joy of giving oneself to the rain. With a foreword by noted children’s literature scholar biographer Leonard s. Marcus, and illustrated with vibrant and sensitive paintings by Terry L. Weidner. Give Yourself to the Rain is a precious gift to be shared among children and adults everywhere. Here it is. Margaret Wise Brown, give yourself to the rain poems with a very young illustrated by Terry L. Weidner and again, she’s the author, Margaret Wise Brown of Goodnight Moon so that’s another book you might know of see if you could find this and share it with your family.

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