Unleashing Parenting Magic: A Review of ‘How to Amaze Your Son/Daughter’

Get ready to amaze your son with the best parenting advice ever! Raphaele Vidaling’s book “How to Amaze Your Son” has valuable and life-changing tips for any parent. Get it now and start creating unforgettable memories.


This book review explores the wonders of “How to Amaze Your Son/Daughter,” a guidebook filled with creative ideas to strengthen the parent-child bond. The article highlights the book’s emphasis on interactive and engaging activities that foster a sense of wonder, curiosity, and joy. It summarizes the various sections covering topics such as science experiments, magic tricks, DIY projects, and outdoor adventures. The review praises the book’s accessible writing style, clear instructions, and colorful illustrations, making it easy for parents to implement the ideas with their children. It also discusses the positive impact of these activities on child development and family relationships. Overall, it recommends “How to Amaze Your Son/Daughter” as an invaluable resource for parents seeking to create lifelong memories and deepen their connection with their children.

Are you looking for ways to amaze your daughter? Check out “How to Amaze Your Daughter” by Raphaele Vidaling. Through fun activities, puzzles, and quizzes, this book provides the perfect way to bond with your daughter and excitingly surprise her.

Patrice’s Recommendations:
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Hi, this is Patrice Badami with Acorn to Tree parenting book review. And I have two books by Raphaele Vidaling that I wanted to share with you simultaneously. One is called How to amaze your son. And it’s crafts recipes and other creative experiences to teach him to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. And here’s how to surprise your daughter with crafts, recipes, and other innovative experiences to teach her how to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. What I like about both of these books, if you can look here on this one, is they teach you how to make cute little Treehouse out of broccoli. Very, very cute. Here in this book, it teaches the children how to use milk. And using a little bit of dish soap and food coloring, you can have a fascinating science experiment. I did that one with my daughter; it also has a paper ballerina and little paper doilies, and you can make and create a little three-dimensional ballerina, how to make some cute little chairs that they could use with their dolls. Just there are a lot of adorable things in both of these books. I enjoy working with this, these books because it helps you to create fairy houses even just from the outside; how you can just use a tree, maybe your tree is in a unique formation outside, and you want to put like a little door on it, something like that. It teaches the children how to make a lava lamp, not a real one that you plug in, but simulates the effect of it. So both books have terrific ideas on quickly sewing up a little shark wallet or a whale wallet. It’s a shark wallet—that one. I still need to do that one. But I did a bunch of these other ones. How to make your crayons by melting some old sea of crayons in your house. They’re all. They’re broken and in a bucket, and you don’t know what to do with them teaches you how to make them into amazing rainbow crowns. So once again, how to amaze your son and How to Amaze your daughter. These are just adorable books. It’s by Raphael. Vidal is selling both of the books. Once again, Raphaele Vidaling, and it’s how to amaze your son and daughter. These are charming projects that you can do using things in your home. And it’s for your children who are usually based on what I’ve seen in the book, older Elementary, a little bit more towards second, third, and fourth grade. So they can appreciate the exciting projects. So see if you can find them. They’re enjoyable to have at home.

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