How to be a Friend: Unlocking the Secrets of Friendship


‘How to be a Friend’ is a heartwarming children’s book that provides valuable insights on friendship and social skills. Through relatable stories and engaging illustrations, the book offers practical guidance on empathy, communication, and kindness. This review explores the book’s key themes, memorable characters, and the importance of fostering healthy relationships. Discover the power of friendship and the skills needed to be a good friend in ‘How to be a Friend.’

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review. And I have a book that my mom bought for my two older children. And I kept it because I found it was very important the message that it had. It’s from Laura Krasny. Brown and Mark Brown. It’s called How to Be a friend, a guide to making friends and keeping them. And here it is. Now, what I like about this book, and when I think an important message of this book is, it doesn’t just tell you what a friend is to you. It’s how are you a friend to someone else, it teaches children that they need to adjust their behavior as well to be a friend in order to encourage someone else to be their friend. It also helps children to understand and be able to determine when someone treats them badly. Is that something that’s okay? Is it something that they should tolerate? It teaches children to identify when someone’s treating them badly, and how to deal with that. So that’s the message I’m trying to teach my child right now that when someone bullies, you have to stand up for yourself and realize that you’re important and that you don’t need to tolerate it. You can walk away and just decide, you know, I think I’ll just go towards people who are friendly and nice to me, and avoid people who are having an issue with me when it’s not warranted when generally it isn’t warranted. So how to be a friend but Laurie Presley Brown and Mark Brown, a guide to making friends and keeping them and it’s a book that’s really that gives a lot of information and it’s very helpful in teaching children. What is a bully? What is a friend? Am I a bully? Am I not a bully? How do I behave to get people to treat me well, and how should I treat other people? So it’s a great lesson and a wonderful book to share with your family.

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