Mastering Math: A Review of ‘How to Be Good at Math’


This book review explores the effectiveness and value of “How to Be Good at Math” as a resource for improving math skills. The article highlights the book’s comprehensive approach to math education, offering strategies, tips, and techniques to help readers become proficient in math. The review emphasizes the book’s user-friendly format, which includes clear explanations, examples, and practice exercises. It discusses the author’s ability to simplify complex concepts and engage readers in the learning process. The review concludes by recommending “How to Be Good at Math” to students, parents, and educators who seek practical guidance and confidence-building techniques to excel in math.

Patrice’s Recommendations:
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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree adult reference book review. And I wanted to share this book called How to Be Good at Math with you. It’s a great visual guide. I like it because it shows step-by-step how to do things and the logic behind it. And the colorful illustrations make it more digestible than some of the other books I’ve seen. It helps because it’s very, very comprehensive yet very approachable. And it makes it easier for parents and students to navigate the changes they’ve made to the math curriculum. This is a great tool to have on hand. And once again, it’s just something that they separate. There are different things like measurement, algebra, counting, and different techniques now in the curriculum that adults need to know. Still, you can have this book and work on it together with your child so that they can feel successful as they approach different math concepts.

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