How To Get Your Teacher Ready by Jean Reagan: A Review of Joyful Classroom Preparations


This book review explores the delightful and heartwarming story of “How To Get Your Teacher Ready” by Jean Reagan. The review highlights how the book empowers children to take an active role in preparing their teacher for a successful school year. It celebrates the book’s engaging narrative, vibrant illustrations, and relatable characters that capture the essence of a classroom environment. With its valuable lessons of empathy, kindness, and collaboration, “How To Get Your Teacher Ready” is a must-read for both children and teachers alike, fostering a positive and joyful learning experience.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with acorn tree children’s book review, and I’m here to discuss with you how to get your teacher ready. It’s by Jean Regan and it’s illustrated by Lee Wildish. It’s a year-round how-to book. It’s so cute because it’s from the child’s perspective, explaining how they would help their teacher as the teacher navigates the school year. This clever how-to book is filled with tips and tricks for the whole year. From the first day of class to picture day holidays and more a classroom of adorable students will take you through a fun and busy school year with your teacher. So it’s the child’s perspective on how they think about, for example, the first day of school, how they deal with picture day any different types of anxieties they might have. So it’s from their perspective how they would help somebody so it teaches empathy and it also validates their fears and concerns. So it opens up the door to discussing different topics with the family. Once again, how to get your teacher ready, written by Jean Regan and illustrated by Lee Wildish. See if you can find it. It’s a really fun book.

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