Hush Mama Loves You by Anna Straus: A Heartwarming Celebration of Motherly Love


Hush Mama Loves You’ by Anna Straus is a touching children’s book that celebrates the unconditional love between a mother and her child. Through gentle and lyrical text accompanied by beautiful illustrations, the book captures the tender moments shared between a mama and her little one. This review explores the book’s themes of love, comfort, and connection, highlighting its ability to create a soothing and nurturing reading experience for both children and parents.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree children’s book review. And today I have a book called hush Mama loves you. It’s by Anna Strauss and illustrated by Alice Priestley beautiful book. And the story behind this wonderful illustration is how a mom recites this certain little memorable poem to her daughter whenever her daughter is sad, or when she gets hurt. And what I loved most of most about this book is it follows that child through her life. So here, it’s the beginning of when the child is little. Unknown Speaker 0:37 And she falls and gets hurt. And then later on, it goes into how when her daughter becomes a teenager, and how her mom still maintains that open communication. And what’s really special here is, even the little girl and her mom, her mom’s mother shows up in the book to as the grandmother, explaining how that same home helps soothe her daughter and help her get through tough times. And it just is a beautiful example of the bond between a parent and a child and how the child feels a sense of safety, like a safety net around them when, you know with their family members. So it’s a beautiful story, posh Mama loves you, and a Strauss and illustrated by Alice Priestley. See if you could find this very beautiful, special book that takes your child from when they’re very small, up until adulthood and how family really can surround a child and make them feel safe and loved.

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