Jamberry: A Berry-Filled Adventure for Kids


‘Jamberry’ is a delightful children’s book that takes readers on a mouthwatering adventure through a berry-filled world. The story follows a boy and a bear as they explore and indulge in various berry-related activities. This review dives into the book’s charming illustrations, rhythmic text, and the joy it brings to young readers. Discover the magic of ‘Jamberry’ and the sweet escapades that await in this berrylicious tale.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with a predatory children’s book review and I have another family favorite. It’s called Jamberry. And it’s by Bruce Deegan, and this little cute book has amazing illustrations. And they use talking about berries and jam and it’s a rhyming book. And it has a really cute little story. It’s a boy and endearing rhyme spouting bear joyously romping through a fantastic world of berries. My daughter and I know this by heart. So this is just a really, really cute little board book I wanted to share with you, it’s by Bruce Deegan. Jamberry and I hope you could see if you could find this and read it with your child before you know it. You’ll be memorizing the different phrases in it because it’s so addictive and so fun to read.

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