Literacy Wiz Game: Fun and Interactive Tool for Reading and Spelling Skills

Literacy Wiz Game A fun and interactive tool to help children improve their reading and spelling skills. Acorn to Tree 123456789 $29.99 In stock
Product Description:

The Literacy Wiz Game is a fun and interactive way to help children learn and improve their reading and spelling skills. The game features 100 color-coded cards with three different levels of difficulty, allowing kids of all ages and skill levels to play and learn. The game also includes a variety of activities, such as word building, word recognition, and spelling challenges, making it a well-rounded educational tool for kids.

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Patrice Badami 0:04

Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn, a tree educational toy review. And I’m going to be discussing this toy with you called literacy whiz. It’s by Bose. It’s for ages three and up. And some of the different things that it addresses with this toy is word building, object and letter recognition, their spelling and pronunciation, it helps you increase memory and attention. So it’s a great toy. And I want to share with you what’s inside Unknown Speaker 0:36 comes with these nice laminated cards that are very durable. Unknown Speaker 0:41 Comes with these nice letters. And on this tray here. It’s great because you’re able to take the card that you’re working on. Unknown Speaker 0:52 And you’re able to place the letters right on top, because these are little raised squares. And the little letters fit right on top just like that. It’s great because when I gave this to my daughter, she sat there with this for quite a while and played independently. And it’s your choice how you want to arrange the letters here, you can put them in alphabetical order. You can have them be random, just, you know, scattered on the table. And there’s a lot of different cards and there’s something on either side. These cards themselves are nice and durable, and they’re laminated. That’s what I like. So this is a really great toy, and I’m hoping that if you come across it you’ll find it enjoyable to

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