Lyra Giants Skin Tone Pencils – Set of 12: High-Quality Pencils for Realistic Skin Tones

Lyra Germany Farb-Riesen Color Giants Skin Tones Pencil

Product Description:

Lyra Giants Skin Tone Pencils are a high-quality set of 12 pencils that are perfect for creating realistic skin tones in drawings and artwork. These pencils have a large diameter, making them easy to grip and control, and are made with extra-thick, break-resistant leads that produce smooth, rich color. The set includes a range of shades that are suitable for all skin tones, from fair to dark. Whether you’re an artist or just love to color, these pencils are a great addition to any art supply collection.

Exceptionally Pigmented – These professional colored pencils contain soft and flowing colors that will allow you to glide through every line and detail in your drawings easily. The wax-based pencil lead is securely encased in unlacquered cedar for style and longevity

  • Remarkable Reliability – Avoid tip breakage, crumbling, and frequent sharpening with this set of 12 colored pencils. The thick 6.25mm lead is break-resistant to last throughout your artistic endeavors and creations.
  • Comfortable Grip – The hexagonal shape of these colored pencils for school is perfectly suited for a comfortable, stable grip. The thick barrel of these pencils makes them extremely easy for children and adults to hold while drawing and coloring
  • 12 Bold Colors – This comprehensive set of colored pencils contains soft, satisfying colors that lay down bold, bright, waterproof, and smudge-proof designs that last
  • Made in Germany – Since 1806, Lyra has been a product of talent, vision, creativity, and performance, requiring the best tools for artists and professionals to enjoy for years to come
Patrice’s Recommendations:
Patrice Badami 0:03

Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with a coconut tree educational toy review today, I have some beautiful pencils. They’re from Lyra. It’s a German company. And these are called Color giants skin tones. They’re 6.25 millimeters. And they’re beautifully made. Now here’s the box. And here’s the actual and love big pencils because they’re helpful for beginner writers, it helps them with grip, I want to show you not just that they’re big, but see the shape. So it has little ridges on it. If I show you this way, you can see that it has ridges, so it’s easier to hold on to just like that. And you can sharpen these in an electric pencil sharpener. Just use the large one on top if they sharpen up beautifully. And as you can see all the skin tones here, they’re just beautifully made, you can blend them to get a real accurate tone if your friend is drawing a picture of you, or if you’re drawing a picture of your friend you can you know work on a project together. And I like that it validates that everyone has a specific skin color that you can appreciate their their diversity and understand that it’s just a very beautiful idea of children understanding from an early age that there’s diversity in the world and their friends and neighbors might have a slightly different skin tone. And here you can create wonderful projects together in the classroom and it incorporates a sense of community in the classroom by having different materials like this. So that’s why I wanted to share it with you and they these are so durable I’ve seen lots of different pencils believe me and I think for beginner writers having a slightly thick and having the pencil have a little edge to it makes it easier for them to hold as they’re learning how to you know their to develop their fine motor and their prewriting and writing as well as coloring skills. So if you liked this video, please like it at the bottom and also subscribe to my channel because i will be reviewing lots and lots of different educational toys

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