Embracing Love: “Mama If You Had A Wish” by Jeanne Modesitt


“Mama If You Had A Wish” by Jeanne Modesitt is a touching children’s book that celebrates the bond between a mother and her child. Through heartfelt rhymes and vivid illustrations, the book explores a mother’s unconditional love and her wishes for her child’s happiness and dreams. Join this heartwarming journey of love, connection, and the beauty of a mother’s aspirations for her little one.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review today, I have a book called mama if you had a wish. And it’s written by Jeanne Modesitt. And it’s illustrated by Robin Spowart. And the illustrations are so beautiful. They’re rich with blues and purples and futures and greens. And the story itself reinforces to the baby rabbit that the mom wishes only the best for the baby, and that she’ll always be there for him in a very reassuring text, just beautifully written, and as you see beautifully illustrated story to send home. You know, the idea to a little child, that there’s a quiet dreaminess and love between the parent and child, and how that there’s just a lot of reassuring comments here that the parent, if you will, parent rabbit says to the baby rabbit, so it helps children to feel safe and secure as they’re on their way off to a nice sleep. So again, Mama if you had a wish, see if you could find it just a beautifully written book.

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