Me You Us Love: A Book to Fill Out Together – Book Review


This book review explores the interactive book “Me You Us Love,” which is designed to bring people closer and deepen their connections through shared experiences. The review highlights the book’s engaging prompts and activities that encourage self-reflection, appreciation, and open communication. It emphasizes the book’s ability to foster love, strengthen relationships, and create lasting memories. With its heartfelt pages and opportunities for personalization, “Me You Us Love” is a wonderful tool for couples, friends, and family members to express their love and build stronger bonds.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review today I have a really cool book called me you us a book to fill out together. It’s by Lisa Curie. And I, she’s the author of the scribble diary. I really like this idea for a book because it, it helps a child to have create memories. You’re creating a family heirloom in my opinion, and it doesn’t necessarily distinguish is it? My mom is it my dad is my uncle, my grandparent, my brother, my sister, it doesn’t even say that it could even be a friend. So basically, the two people who fill this out together, they go on this journey of self discovery relating to each other creating memories. And later when they get older, they’ll have it and it’s really fun. So here’s a perfect example of one of the pages. So here, what we’ll be doing in 20 years here, ideas for our matching tattoos. So it’s just really cute. There’s so many activities, and I love it because it’s interactive. It validates a child’s feelings and it takes their perspective. And you’re chronicling the whole thing. You’re putting it into the book. So their opinion, they get very excited whenever you create different materials based on what’s your opinion about this. What do you think children love to sit there and reflect and to include their opinion on things so I thought this was a perfect thing, activity that you can work on over the period of maybe a years or whatever. And it’s just a different idea me you have a book to fill out together by Lisa Curie, the author of the scribble diary, see if you can find this book. I love it so much. It’s just a wonderful family activity.

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