Memory Jars by Vera Brosgol: A Heartwarming Children’s Tale of Love and Remembrance


“Memory Jars” by Vera Brosgol is a heartwarming children’s tale that celebrates the power of love and remembrance through cherished memories. This article delves into the touching story of a young girl named Freda who creates memory jars to preserve special moments with her loved ones. Join us as we embark on a journey of emotional depth and tender storytelling that showcases the beauty of preserving meaningful experiences. Through tender illustrations and poignant prose, “Memory Jars” becomes a cherished book that teaches children the importance of treasuring the little joys and the lasting impact of love.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree Children’s Book Review. Today I have a beautiful book called Memory Jars. And it’s from Caldicott honoree Vera Brosgol. So this is a really great story because it teaches a child that sometimes you you can put things in jars to preserve them, but you can’t save everything. And sometimes you need to learn to live in the moment and appreciate what’s around you and who is around you. And you can’t always just stop the activity or stop the moment and just put everything in a jar so you can have it later. Sometimes you have to live life as it comes at you. I love this story. The illustrations are amazing. So it teaches a child  that preserving things is great, but you can’t put everything in a jar and here something really funny happens in the story about what she tries to put in the jar and what happens after. So it’s just a great idea of being mindful about enjoying life as it comes at you rather than to always try to freeze that moment and save it because you’re not really savoring the moment then again, it’s called Memory Jars. And it’s by Caldicott honoree Vera Brosgol, see if you could share this wonderfully colorful book, and it’s just a different idea for a story. Share it with your family.

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