Moon’s Ramadan by Natasha Kahn Kazi: Exploring the Profound Journey of Faith and Self-Discovery


In the book “Moon’s Ramadan” by Natasha Kahn Kazi, readers embark on a profound journey of faith and self-discovery. This article dives into the captivating narrative, exploring the book’s themes of spirituality, identity, and the transformative power of Ramadan. Discover how this literary masterpiece resonates with readers, inviting them to explore the depths of their souls and embrace their true selves.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to Tree children’s book review. And today, I have a book and it’s called Moon’s Ramadan. Beautiful book. I love purple. It’s a wonderful story. Let me share it with you. It’s from Natasha Khan Kazi. And it’s a beautiful book because it incorporates the phases of the moon, with the days that are observed, and the special holiday of Ramadan. So it talks about, when the different phases of the moon occur, then different things happen in the during the observance of Ramadan. It’s a really great book. So there’s the full moon, and it tells you in the colors are just so rich and vibrant. It tells you the different traditions that are followed during Ramadan, and it tells you how it coordinates with the moon. So it’s two different things that the child is going to be learning about. When they read this book with you. They’ll learn about the phases of the moon, and all the different things that are practiced all the different traditions with Ramadan. So it’s just a wonderful story and beautiful book. Once again, Moon’s Ramadan by Natasha Khan Kazi, see if you can find this and really share it with your family during the holiday or before just so that they can understand a little bit more about Ramadan. So I hope you can find it. And if you’re really interested in all different books that I review, please like the video and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks so much

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