My First Textured Cards by DK: Sensory Cards for Early Learning and Development

My First Textured Cards by DK A set of sensory cards designed to promote early learning and development through touch and feel. DK 123456789 $14.99 In stock
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The article discusses My First Textured Cards by DK, which are a set of sensory cards for babies and toddlers. The cards feature different textures and pictures, and are designed to promote learning through touch and feel. The article highlights the benefits of sensory play for young children and provides information on how parents can use these cards to engage their little ones.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s educational toy review today I have a whole bunch of very fun cards that are different from flash cards. They’re special, and I’m going to show you how they are. There’s another one here, and another one here. Okay, these are great, and I’m gonna explain why in a minute. They incorporate sensory, and it stimulates children to touch. I’ll show you the cards in a minute. It also has bright colors. And it’s a little different from flashcards. It’s more interactive, if you will, because of the sensory piece. So let me grab one right here, I have animals that let me just tell you the different ones, I guess animals here you have first words, you have numbers and counting, colors and shapes, things that go and farm, actually, I’m going to talk about the farm one because that was my daughter’s favorite one for when she was little. So we’re gonna do this one. Alright, so you have the nice, sturdy box bright colors doesn’t take up that much room on the shelf. And here’s the part so you have duck. Now if you look at the duck, it has a shiny, scratchy little neck. It’s nice for the children in order to engage them and read the word they get involved. You hand the card to the child, they find the sensory piece, they touch it, and it’s nice. It’s like very soft. It’s like you’re petting a duck on the back. It has some questions, some prompts to help you with engaging with your child. Can you say Quack, quack like a duck touched the ducks. Gray neck? How does it feel? What do you see in this card? Ducks can swim. What might you see? Where might you see a duck on a farm? Can you point to the ducks beak. So it has great ideas for children questions on the back. And then it has different languages the word duck say it in Spanish, French, German and Chinese. And it has the different languages here. So it has several different pieces to it that makes it very special. Here’s cow, look how soft it is. Well, you can look you can’t really feel it. But trust me it feels soft. Anyway. Here’s a picture of a cow. What is a baby cow called? How do you say cow in these languages. It’s just really it makes it more fun rather than just flashcards which flashcards have their purpose. But for a younger child, the sensory piece makes it more engaging. Here’s a goose and we have a cow and they’re very well loved because they’re a little bent that sheep dog. Oh, here it is. This is my favorite daughter’s favorite. She held on to this card and fell asleep once. So it’s farmer and then you would feel his shirt, the flannel shirt there and answer questions. So I like this one too. Also straw, very scratchy. So it’s very interesting way to approach engaging young children. They like to touch things, it helps their sensory input gives them some stimulation there. So again, we have right here we have my first farm. We have things that go colors and shapes, animals, first words, numbers, it’s just wonderful numbers and counting. So these are great to have on hand. They don’t take up much room on a bookshelf, but there’s something you can pack and take with you. And these are from DK Publishing. So yeah, you might find these very helpful for your the infant up to maybe not infants, but like your toddlers, you don’t want them to win on the card. So I would give it to a toddler, an older toddler, teach them teaching them different skills that they’ll need to know you can also discuss the colors of the cards so you can discuss colors numbers, recognizing the different animals and things in their environment. So it’s a great idea for a gift even to get the whole set would be amazing. So yeah, see if you can find a DK Publishing my first touch and feel picture cards

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