Ocean Life From A to Z: Explore the Wonders of the Sea through Alphabet Adventure


“Ocean Life From A to Z” takes young readers on an exciting journey through the underwater world, from A to Z. This beautifully illustrated children’s book introduces kids to various marine creatures and ecosystems while teaching them the alphabet. Dive into this educational and entertaining adventure that sparks curiosity about ocean life.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s book review. Today I have this book. It’s called ocean life from A to Z. It’s a book and DVD. And it’s by Annie Crawley. She does the photography for it. So let me share with you what it is, the DVD comes out. So I’ll put that to the side. What I liked about this is it’s not just it tells you the facts about all different animals and the creatures in the sea. And it also tells you the little description for the children who are interested in ocean animals. But when you put on the DVD, it’s terrific because it’ll go the letter A and then it’ll say abalone and all the different animals in alphabetical order, so that it really engages your child. My daughter loves this, and we come back to this frequently. She enjoys this book because she’s learning about the fish in the animals, but she’s also seeing they have the graphics on the DVD of the different letters. So it’s a great book to help learning with the new alphabet while having fun. I really enjoy this book. So I hope you can find it once again. It’s ocean life from A to Z book and DVD and it’s from Annie Crawley. 

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