Our Story A Memory Book For by Mel Erickson: Preserving Precious Memories and Cherished Moments


“Our Story A Memory Book For” by Mel Erickson is a heartfelt keepsake designed to capture and preserve your most treasured memories. From milestone events to everyday moments, this beautifully crafted memory book provides a space to document and cherish your family’s journey. Celebrate the joys, growth, and love that fill your life through this personalized and meaningful memory book.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami. With a Quinta tree children’s book review. Today I have a different book. From the other books that I’ve reviewed, it’s by Mel Erickson. And it’s called our story, a memory book for this book, I came across it when a child that I know lost a family member. And I picked it up because I thought it would be a helpful thing to have. It’s a child’s book to help them deal with having lost someone who is dear to them. And the book takes the child by their hand and brings them through the different stages of grief. It helps them to work through the pain that they’re experiencing. Here you can see the chart it helps the child to put onto paper, what they’re feeling. But more than that, what I thought was very special about this book is that it also doesn’t just take them through the grief process. It also makes the child sit, take a moment and create a memorial to the person who past writing down different facts and things that they remember about their loved one. So it’s a keepsake. It’s not just a workbook to help them move past the pain. It’s a chronicle of their relationship with the person whose past so they can make sure because sometimes children are afraid that they’re going to forget someone. And this book will allow the child to not only heal and move past and express their feelings by having this journal and workbook and also allow them to create a memorial to that person. So again, it’s by Mel Erickson, and it’s called our story, a memory book for and then the child personalizes it here. So if this is something that might be helpful to you and your family, this is something you should look for. I found it to be a very beautiful book and a great idea to help children with grieving

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