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This article provides a detailed review of the Pancake Pile Up Game, a fun and exciting toy that challenges children to stack pancakes in a race against time. The article discusses the game’s features, benefits, and gameplay, making it a must-read for parents looking for new and engaging toys for their children.

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Hi, this is Patrice Badami, with Acorn to tree children’s educational toy review. And I wanted to share with you something that I found that was very popular in my house pancake pile up by educational insights. And this is really great. And it’s engaging because the people in my family really like pancakes. But also, let me show what’s in the box before I tell you about it. So here’s one spatula to spatula. So you’ll have two teams, two people, or whatever you want to do it. It comes with these really cute three dimensional little pancakes. So they’re not cards, they’re actual little pieces here. And they have all different toppings, chocolate chips, blueberry strawberries. And then there’s two little Pat’s of butter, which comes along with the game, and you’ll see why. So the way it works is, there’s these cards, and I’ll pull it up so you can see it. And the way it works is that you’d mix them up, put the pile out, each person would grab the on the one person’s turn, they’d grab a car, for example, here, we got strawberries with butter, and then it shows all the layers. So what has to happen is you put, you put the two plates on one end of the room, okay. And for smaller kids, you could put it on the table on the other end of the table, you and then when there’s like a rush, there’s no timer, but you can like use a timer on the oven or something of that nature. And if you could sprint, younger kids don’t use the timer, they might get stressed out, just say go and then whoever does it after a certain period of time, they’re supposed to put the pancakes in order. So you have the the butter on top, and then you have the pancake and the different flavors, you know, different layers. And so you have to see how quickly the person could look at the card, and then get their pancake pile all set. And then they put it on the little plate, like so, on the on the plate at the end of the table. And the way the thing I like about it is it’s very, you can change it for the ability of your child. And they have to one they’re learning to share because there’s one card. And they’re both looking at it, there’s two ways of playing. But the way I like to play is the both people try to create this pancake stack. So they have to share by putting the card between the two of them, they look at it, they can’t hold it, they can’t take it from the other person. So that’s that’s where sharing comes into it. The second thing is, they’re coordinating quickly. Within their mind, they’re able to look find the pancake, and then they’re dealing with fine motor by stacking it. Unknown Speaker 2:35 Because it’s you know, they could fall apart or whatever, if you’re so there’s fine motor activity, there’s shearing. And there’s also being able to look low, assess the situation, put the items in order, and then grab it. So there’s a lot of there’s a lot of coordination going on. And if you include for the older kids running across the room, there’s the gross motor, being able to rush across and get the pancakes. So it’s there’s so many different ways you can do it. There’s yes, there’s instructions, but I like to always interpret my own way. So what you can do is you can have the kids put one pancake on at a time. So then they go like this. And then they run across the room and they pile it onto there. So if they do it that way, that’s for the older kids, then it adds the challenge of balance, and then putting it onto the plates. And then they have to rush back and forth. So there’s the gross motor, their fine motor is actually for the younger kids, physically holding them and stacking them and piling them so they don’t fall over onto the plate. I’ll hold the plate up. So and then there’s if it has butter than they put the butter on top depends on what the I guess the recipe is per se. So I like this. I like this game because it incorporates something we all love. And it’s helping the kids learn sharing fine motor, gross motor meant, you know, recognition of the you know what’s in front of me, along with what’s here, memorization. So it’s a really cute little toy for like a day when it’s raining out and you need the kids to move. But you don’t want them to get out of control. But they’re also going to be learning. So let’s take a look at it. Once again, pancake pile up, but educational insights, check out the instructions. If you want to follow them specifically, that’s fine. Or you can interpret it like I usually do whenever I provide educational tours. I look at it and I say well, what are the needs of my child? What Does my child need to work on? So then I go I go from there, and I interpret my own way of playing the game. So it’s there’s so many different possibilities. There’s the gross motor, like I said, fine motor memorization sharing. It’s just a cute game. And what you could do is you could have teams where they hand off the spatula to the next person. So you can even use this for a party. You honestly can you can create two teams, and then they work together and then it’s we’ll make it into a relay type of a game. So yeah, see if you could find this Unknown Speaker 5:00 Oh incredibly cute pancake pile up educational insights and I bet you’re going to enjoy it

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